Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Last day at work..& no emails!!!

Well..anti climax to over 3.5 years stay in BSIL. As usual, I sent another 'gem' of a goodbye mail but surprisingly, none of my friends received it! Had to drag the local IRP guy, who as usual was busy with his...well, ummm, other 'playful' activities with species of a different kind was not too pleased to be dragged to my cubicle. As expected, the blame squarly went to the inflated size of the mail pst which was causing mail problems. I found that hard to believe as I was not able to even receive messages from others. The same problem, other team memebrs were also facing. I suspect that the IRP guys have recently shifted many machines to differnt domains but have not configured mail protocols properly, resulting in many mail packets getting lost.

Btw, If you have not seen my goodbye mail then click here:


Amit Dhupkar said...

Yaar tera mail,




Ab samajha main aya..

Ki tu woh Khargosh nikla jo....Race jeet gaya...

I'm happy being the tortoise..As i do not have a race 2 run :)


It was fun with u at office , i had blast with u..

Be in touch..


Anonymous said...

Will definately miss the good time we had in my early BSIL days
-| @V |-