Friday, August 24, 2007

Adnan killing - TV Channels are the murderers

A few days back when this Adnan abduction thing broke out on TV channels, everyone went into the hyperactive mode. One of the TV channels in detail explained what steps police would like to take now, including tracking the last place of the call that came from Adnan’s mobile number which now was switched off. They even explained how police would be doing this. This made me wonder, what if Adnan’s abductors were viewing this news? Won’t they get to know what’s happening on Police’s end? Won’t they then plan out their next step accordingly?

Next day Adnan was murdered. It was later revealed that the abductors panicked when they saw the TV news reports & felt that crime branch would close up on them soon and so killed him. Thereafter, all news channels have been talking about different murder theories linked with effects of social networking sites to influence of crime/murder related plots in serials & movies. But for me, TV channels are equally responsible for Adnan’s murder. To increase their TRP ratings, sensationalize issues, all these channels have lost basic sensitivities. Had they shown a bit of restrained news related to the kidnapping, perhaps Adnan could have been saved. Even if the kidnapping news was leaked by cops, TV channels should have realized what impact it could have created had they aired the entire police strategy verbatim. What was really sad for me as a viewer was to see even NDTV India fall for it. Till this news, I used to rank it the only sane channel left in the other so called Hindi news channels.

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