Thursday, July 31, 2008

Cash for Vote

In the past one week, a lot of dirty, murky water has passed under the bridge. Finally we all got to see the 'true' colors of our politicians. The most 'ironical' moment for me in this entire drama was the closing part when after a dirty day at office, the speaker closed the session on 'Vande Matram' geet. Personally for me it was disturbing to see all these 'representatives of the common people' standing attentively in respect (were they?) as the national song got played.

If that was not all, the shape of things to come in future rolled off this week when Sushma Swaraj came up with her version on the serial blasts. Her 'conspiracy' theory of blaming the blasts on the government to divert off attention from cash for vote scam - broke all points of records on how low can a thinking get in politics. People who follow her theatreatics would remember how in 2004 when Congress came in power she howled and howled and threatened that she would shave off her head, sleep on floor and follow the life of a 'sadhavi' is Sonia is made the PM. Disgusting.

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