Friday, January 28, 2011

Bsnl launches ipad data plan | my experience with the same

So finally Apple officially launched the ipad in India and as a surprise package tied up with bsnl for various attractive 3G data plan offers. The moment I read the news on one of the online sites, I quickly opened up the bsnl site to check about it. i found it a bit surprising that officially it got launched today and there was no media coverage in any of the printed newspapers. Such a 'big' news was tucked away in a corner on bsnl site with a small ipad image and a dull font data plan link. I clicked it, checked the plans, filled up the inquiry form and waited for someone to call me. But knowing that it might take ages before someone will actually call, I called up on the helpline no that they had provided in the ad. After few rings the guy picked up the call, inquired of my region and need and transfered the call. I told them about my interest in the microsim card and inquired if I can get the same from local bsnl office. The guy put me on hold again and after few minutes responded that they were not aware of the 'scheme' and perhaps I should call in evening! Pissed off to the core, I decided to hit out to local bsnl office in the afternoon.

The Yerwada Bsnl office is manned by an all female staff. The inquiry counter lady was clueless and directed me to the section officer. As expected, she also didn't have any response and came to know that bsnl has launched something like this from me only! She visited the website and while she was doing so, I parroted out the various data plans that bsnl has launched for ipad. She gave me an embarassed smile ( coz without looking at the monitor I was telling her about the various plans which she should have been knowing) and confessed she was not aware of ipad& these plans. She called up her seniors who themsevles didn't have much idea. The lady apologized to me, took my number and promised the moment they get details and the sim card, I'll be the 1st Ipad data plan customer she will hand over the sim too.

I returned back, bit amused with this entire experience but felt sorry on how bsnl is on the verge of losing a sizable market share again thanks to blotched up marketing activities. Bsnl has got the 1st move advantage and in couple of months apple will partner with other telcos as soon as 3 g network is rolled out pan India. With attractive India prices for the device, the rush for data plans will be up for sure and hopefully bsnl should gear themselves up to cater to demands.

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