Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Condoms, Sizes, measurements

Read a recent article in TOI that a survey was conducted on Indian male penises and it was found that the condoms that are available in market are over sized as the average Indian male penis size is a centimeter or two smaller than their counterparts in the West. The survey concluded that the condoms made in India are according to international sizes and should be customised. But more than the survey, what I found really amusing and hillarious was the way through which the survey was carried out. Dicks of all shapes and sizes across all segment (metro, rural) of the selected participants were photographed and measured. Initially digital photos were taken and through a software the size of penis was arrived upon but it was felt that this mechanism was inaccurate and the best way to measure the size of the dick is the old fashion way - with a tape/scale! If at all this method was used, I could imagine the poor guy who had this 'huge' task of measuring dicks of all toms, dicks and harrys around him!!! (pun intended). The poor guy with a tape in his hand yelling "next"..."abey seedha pakad"... measures it..marks noting... "next"...:-)))

or Imagine his kundli & marriage bio data goes to a prospective father in law. ladka kaam kya karta hai? Jee...woh........dicks measure karta hai..." :-)))))

or..what could be the worst gaali that you could give him? ma ki/behen ki? Naaah..those are passe. DICKHEAD!!!! :D :D :D

Last but not the least the trauma that he would be getting when he finally he gets to see his own dick while making love with his wife and starts thinking about how short or long his dick is ;-)

Ok..back to work now.

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