Friday, December 22, 2006

Justice for Jesica. What about others?

The entire media went berserk when Manu Sharma was convicted. No doubt it was a victory for those who had lost faith in justice but the fundamental question that I want to ask is - had Jesica Lall been a Dalit or from backward class, she could have got justice? This brings me to another topic - is justice, no matter whether it is delayed, is reserved for people from upper class or influential people? To a certain extent, I feel the media also has to be blamed for this. Justice For Jesica and similar forums were created after media highlighted the cause. But what about the Khairlanji gang rape & murder of Dalit mother and her child? I don't get to hear any word about it on any channel now. Shouldn't the media take the responsibility of keeping the issue alive so that the society pressurizes the govt to take action against the guilty quickly?

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