Friday, January 04, 2008

Fabio Capello & Kabir Khan

I have been following British football for a while and let me tell you, these guys take their football verrrry seriously. To see how Britishers are passionate about football, visit any pub during a league match- like I used to do when any important matches used to take place involving Chelsea, Liverpool, Man U, Arsneal. Life comes to a standstill if any of these teams are involved against each other. The pubs are packed and overflowing. Everyone there turns into a footballer and like us back home tuned into cricket, turn into a couch player. There are 2 men who have the most enviable jobs in UK. Jobs which are high risk, under constant pressure and media & public glare.

The first person to hold that job is Gordon Brown - The Prime Minister. The 2nd person who have that job is the England Football team National Coach which in this case is Fabio Capello. Skeptics have questioned the ned to hire a 'foreigner' for the post who can't even speak proper English! But the guy has balls. He is a no nonsense tuffie who know how to do his job. Reputations and egos don't matter to him. He has proved himself out in club level circuits and in many ways draw parellel to Kabir Khan - the role that Sharukh Khan played in Chakh De India. Like Sharukh he too has to deal with king sized egos of many star football players in the English team. It would be interesting to see how he manages to do that coz knowing his reputation he is a real hard task master. This could be the real antidote that English football team needed.

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