Monday, April 03, 2006's a wrong number;-)

NDTV yesterday reported that Govinda was getting blank calls from the underworld. It went on to say that the extortion calls were being made by Chota Shakeel (weren't the calls BLANK? How did they manage to figure out that the calls were made by Chota Shakeel?). In today's paper, Govinda has said that he will speak to people (Cong. heads) in Delhi and that when he lands in Delhi, there will be full security for him. He also adds "yeah ek chakraviuh hai aur main is chakravuih ka khulasa karunga..." god knows what he means by that.

What I feel is Govinda is either taking this call business too seriously or the underworld goons have really fallen to bad days - hence they are not sparing even Govinda. I mean cummon...we all know this... Govinda himself is in fukra state these days. With his last film bombing and he being out of work for sometime, he has made a hue n cry recently over his financial crisis. You don't expect a Chota Shakeel to call him up and ask for money.... after all Shakeel bhai must be tuned to Aaj Tak to keep a check on latest happening in the film world. he must be pretty aware of Govinda's financial condition. I think this is what would have happend:

Scenario 1:
Govinda would have indeed got a call from Shakeel bhai but bhai would have offered him some financial help instead. Obviously, Govinda ka larger than life ego ko thes laga hoga and he would have slammed the phone down. Bhai would have called again and again and this time Govinda would have called police to tell them he is getting calls from the underworld.

Scenario 2:
As it happens with people who have small kids, Shakeel bhai ka kid would be fiddling with his dad's mobile when by mistake he would have dialled Govinda's number. 2-3 baar aisa hua hoga, and Govinda (man mein to ladoo foot rahey hongey ki at last....underworld has called him...he is a celebrity again) would have thought he is getting extortion calls from Shakeel bhai.

Scenario 3:
Govinda's name is appearing in newspapers for all the wrong reasons - mainly his financial crisis. Probably he would have 'planted' this story just to create hype around his latest releases in the pipeline.

In the end, if the call indeed came, Govindaji we would suggest, take a chill pill. It's a wrong number ;-)

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