Sunday, June 11, 2006

Go Fida or Go Insane?

The recent Ford Fiesta ad shows Abhishek leading a bunch of friends from Mumbai to Goa in a fleet of Ford Fiesta. The ad shows the cars zipping on an express highway as they reach Goa. All is fine but when one of the guys ay that he doesn’t have a swimming costume, Abhishek, without blinking an eyelid says, we will go to Ooty! And all of them head back to driving. While the idea may be fine but was just wondering in practical terms, it’s insane. Mumbai to Goa – 600 kms+, from there to Ooty – god knows how many kms. Add fuel cost and what have you! Plus the roads are no makkhan as they project in ads. Wonder if Abhishek Bachan knows what the current cost of the petrol is.

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