Monday, March 26, 2007

The height of optimism at Reliance Communications

I get a call from Reliance's call center -

"Saaar...very gud morning to u". I Yum caaling from reliance communications. Aapka naam selected customers mein shaartlist hua hai and hum aapko ek aafer dena chatey hai"

Me: Offer? Hmmm... knowing reliance's mastery in these tricky offers, I wanted to cut him short there itself, but before I could speak, the guy went on with his sales speech, and what he said, made me play on with him further.

" Saar hamarey paas World Cup ke liye ek special live score plan hai jiska naam hai - SACHIN NAZARA Plan" (now at this moment, I just didn't know what to do - laugh my ass off on this poor guy who obviously must be sticking to his sales pitch coz he has a job to do or simply snap him off)

Me: Are you Ok dude? Are you really selling this plan to me? You said I am the lucky customer...kis baat mein lucky mere bhai? India world cup se bahaar ho gaya hai and you STILL selling this pack!!!! :D Or is it that you offering heavy discount on it :D

"Saar...ab India bahaar ho gaya to kya..haar jeet to chalti rehti hai...par doosri countries to hai na...unka score sunney ke liye you will need this pack... " (@ this point really felt sorry for this guy..but still managed to restrain myself from snapping)

Me: Ok..I will subscribe to your pack..but on 1 condition. "Kyaa saar"?

Me: I don't want to hear it in sachin's voice. I want to hear it in...hmmm...Adam Gilchrist's voice.

"saar...yeah Nazaara pack hai..(he tries to bring the pich pack to the script..while I deviate it again)

Me: nazaara to dekh liya...ab bataao... adam ki voice me de paoge? good bye. And i shut the phone.

I wonder if reliance is seriously thinking that people would still go for pack like these...even now! :D

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