Thursday, July 19, 2007

AVN Awards: A must watch show

Now these are awards show i would really, really love to watch. If not live, then at least on any TV Channel. AVN Awards are the 'oscars' of Porn Industry. They are sponsored and presented by America's Adult Video Industry. besides the usual categories of awards like best actor, actress, director etc (wonder how do they judge on these categories), they have categories like these:

Production categories

Best Video Feature, Best Film, Best DVD, Best Gonzo Release, Best Gonzo Series, Best Sex Comedy, Best Vignette Release, Best Vignette Series, Best All-Sex Release, Best Continuing Video Series, Best High-Definition Production, Best Interactive DVD, Best Classic DVD, Best Foreign Feature, Best Foreign All-Sex Release, Best Foreign All-Sex Series, Best Anal-Themed Feature, Best Anal-Themed Series, Best All-Girl Feature, Best All-Girl Series, Best Ethnic-Themed Release—Asian, Best Ethnic-Themed Release—Black, Best Ethnic-Themed Release—Latin, Best Interracial Release, Best Ethnic-Themed Series, Best P.O.V. Release, Best Oral-Themed Feature, Best Oral-Themed Series, Best Amateur Release, Best Amateur Series, Best Pro-Am Release, Best Pro-Am Series, Best Alternative Release, BBi-Sexual Video, Best Gay Video, Best Gay Alternative Video, Best Gay Solo Video

Performer categories

Best New Starlet, Best Male Newcomer, Female Performer of the Year, Male Performer of the Year, Female Foreign Performer of the Year, Male Foreign Performer of the Year, Transsexual Performer of the Year, Performer of the Year-Gay Video, Newcomer of the Year-Gay Video,

Best Actress—Film, Best Actress—Video, Best Actor—Film, Best Actor—Video, Best Supporting Actress—Film, Best Supporting Actress—Video, Best Supporting Actor—Film, Best Supporting Actor—Video, Best Non-Sex Performance, Best Tease Performance, Best Actor—Gay Video, Best Supporting Actor—Gay Video, Best Non-Sex Performance—Bi-Sexual/Gay Video

Sex scene categories

Awarded to performer(s) in a scene, Best All-Girl Sex Scene—Film, Best All-Girl Sex Scene—Video, Best Anal Sex Scene, Best Oral Sex Scene—Film, Best Oral Sex Scene—Video, Best Couples Sex Scene—Film, Best Couples Sex Scene—Video, Best Group Sex Scene—Film, Best Group Sex Scene—Video, Best Threeway Sex Scene—Video, Best Sex Scene in a Foreign-Shot Production, Best Solo Sex Scene, Most Outrageous Sex Scene Best Sex Scene—Gay Video

Technical categories

Best Screenplay—Film, Best Screenplay—Video, Best Art Direction—Film, Best Art Direction—Video, Best Cinematography, Best Videography, Best Editing—Film, Best Editing—Video, Best Special Effects, Best Music, Best DVD Extras, Best DVD Menus, Best Screenplay—Gay Video, Best Videography—Gay Video, Best Editing—Gay Video, Best Music Score—Gay Video

Specialty categories

Best Specialty Release—Big Bust, Best Specialty Release—BDSM, Best Specialty Release—Spanking, Best Specialty Release—Foot Fetish, Best Specialty Release—Other Genre, Best Transsexual Release, Best Gay Specialty Release

Marketing categories

Best DVD Packaging, Best VHS Packaging, Best Box Cover Concept, Best Overall Marketing Campaign—Company Image, Best Overall Marketing Campaign—Individual Project, Best Marketing Website, Best Retail Website, BBox Cover Concept—Gay Video, Best Packaging—Gay Video

And yes. They do have a HALL of FAME award too. :)

If you want to enhance your knowledge about these awards, do check out dope about it on wiki.

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