Thursday, July 19, 2007

In which world are we living in?

Far from this maddening crowd, this planet where we live in, another planet is evolving. A planet which is similar to our planet, has a civilization, people, governments, economies, forest, animals, cars, runs the similar way minus the global warming, poverty, terrorism kind of problems that we live with on this planet. It's a utopian planet, but it's there for sure. yes, it's a virtual planet. Second Life is one such virtual planet. Check out the virtual life on their site

Recently researching for a proposal, I came across many such virtual worlds that are flourishing in the cyber space. A cursory glance through the sites and i wondered do these sites really do well, I mean do kids, teenagers really are addicted to this kind of stuff? And I was surprised by some stats that i came across. yes, it's a cult out there. The virtual space market is overcrowded but still sites are getting unique visitors by millions every month. Most of these sites are MMORPG (massively multimedia online role playing games) based sites. It requires heavy investment and very specialized capabilities & skill sets to build this kind of cyber world.

If things go the way they are planned, very soon I would be part of a team that would be building another of this cyber world.

More posts about it later.

In the meantime, do check out some sites and stats related to these virtual communities on this site.

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