Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Where am I holed up?

Many of you must be wondering why I haven't updated my blog for so many days. Well, I wish I could say that I am on a secret assignment which involves me traveling across globe and striking out militant hideouts that are on RAW's list but the truth is I am holed back home in Pune busy working on an equally secret assignment. For the past few weeks my energies are going in building a proposal & planning the allied activities involved along with the core team. The stakes are high as the success of this project will lead us to another 50 million dollar account mining from the same customer. The beauty of the whole thing is that this road we are about to drive on, as an organization we have never taken that road - especially in the domain space where we are pitching for the project but then thats what making this entire venture interesting. The feeling of uncertainty of what lies ahead. The road would be full of potholes for sure but I guess that would make it challenging and more knowledgeable of how to negotiate the stumbling blocks.

Will post more later

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