Saturday, January 06, 2007

By George! It's for real!

Just read the other day about the story of a 2 year calf who during Eid time, sensing that he would be slaughtered created a hell of a ruckus in the slaughter house, running from one corner to another, pushing back anyone who cam in his way and finally managed to hide himself in some corner of the place from where it became difficult for the butchers to pull him back. Interesting, isn't it? After hours of persuation the calf still stuck to its guns and finally Cruelty Against Animal Society came in the picture to save the animal. And guess what? They adopted the calk and christened him - hold your breath - George!

Why George? Coz just like George Bush who fought against all adversities both in US and across the world to stay put in his place- this calf too fought against everyone who came in his way to save his life. Nice, really nice. But why only George??? Couldn't they think of anyone else?

Btw, I wonder why aren't the so called saviours of hindutva fanatics not making any noise about it? I mean a country like India where cows (ok, it's a calf) and hindutva and whatever goes with it goes hand in hand, naming a calf 'george' - well, hmmm, isn't it a case of forceful 'conversion'? :-)

Last heard the calf had gone into a shell and was sulking after finding out the name that have been given to him.

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