Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New year eve edition - a reading feast

I always love to read 31st Dec newspaper - especially the TOI edition. If you have missed out on any major stuff in the year - you can always catch up with it in this editon. Thankfully 31st being a Sunday, I could lap up the paper with leisure. I can read paper for hours. In Crayons I used to read atleast 6-7 papers before getting on with work. The same thing continued in BSIL. I think after books, a newspaper can be your next best friend (I hope Suvi is not reading this!). A day without newspaper is so unimaginable. Throughout the day you get the feeling of being constipated, not that reading helps with your bowel movements but I guess who relate to my feelings can understand where I am coming from. Somehow Suvi finds it very difficult to understand how I can spend so much time reading a newspaper. For her, reading the headline and perhaps a para or so of the news to get a gist of the story is more than enough. Most of the time she tolarates me with my reading habit but whenever she blows her top, the poor newspaper gets trashed in a corner and I am back to the business of cajoling her, cooling her down. And for the remaining newspaper part? Well, I can always catch that up on the digital edition! :-)

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