Saturday, January 13, 2007

What all will you block, Mr. Minister?

The I&B is furious over The Gandhi slapstick video posted on You Tube. It's planning to block You Tube - just like the way they blocked Orkut and Blogger for a while. Fearing that You Tube would be blocked for sure, I quickly logged on to check out the fuss about the video.

The video shows an NRI comedian (Gautam Prasad), imitating as gandhi doing pole dance and strip teasing to the tunes of Bhangada. The pole (more like Gandhi's staff) is used for all the jigs and gyration.

Ok, the video is not amusing, I mean you don't feel like laughing but I don't understand what's the big fuss about I&B finding it as insulting and all. Get over it Mr. Minister. Blocking the sites won't do. A small percentage of Indians might be knowing about the video but now by making this as issue - you are just propogating the video. And anyways, in this India Poised kinda era, who has the time to even think about all this stuff.

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