Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Nostradamus or a deserting rat?

As 2002 came to an end, I could feel that the time for me to move on for sure had now come. I could sense that there was nothing for me to stick on with Intiqua. So in Jan, 2003 moved to Mumbai with BSIL. Six months later, Intiqua ceased to exist in India. Right move at right time.

Feb 2006. The only person besides me who believed in usability practice and helped it nurture in BSIL quits. Someone else take hold of the mantle and the team but I could sense that the usability practice as such won't last for long - atleast the 'seriousness' and the 'commitment' to making usability as part and parcel of evey project that gets shipped out from our desk would go missing. So in August I moved on.

Jan 2007. In a hot, humid city, the winds of change are blowing again or rather have been blowing for the past 2 months but have taken force now. I wonder who would be the last man standing.

So am I a modern day Nostardamus who could sense what might happen in future and took preventive steps or a rat who when sensing danger jumped the ship in advance.

I guess the viewpoint depends on which side of the fence you are standing on.

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puneet said...

Spencer Johnson would be so proud of you Loku!

Call it a knack, or foresight, smelling change is something leaders are made of.

Change is painful and not always welcome, but I firmly believe, it is for the better! Trust me I've experienced it.. and so many times!

Keep blogging!