Monday, April 16, 2007

Duh! Now what do we do with this stock of Pepsi Gold?

(Somewhere deep inside the pepsi corporate office a high level meeting is taking place)

- the Indian team is out. Now we are left with this huge inventory of stupid drink that we launched. What the f**** should we do with it?

- Wish we could stick these bottles deep inside the rear end of the team.

-That won't solve our problems, we need to show sales. Think of something else.

- Oh maaan...I had thought had the team reached last 4, I would have created temp. scarcity of our stock and then sold this Gold in Black. Blah!

- Can't even create any face saving ad. like we did last time when the team crashed out of Champions trophy.

-Which ad?

-The one where we said 'Fir Aaayega India'.

-Hey, that gives me an idea! Let's create an ad again - same wine..errr..i mean on same lines but treated differently. We can always find suckers who would still buy our stock.

-What's the idea?

-We will show 4-5 attitude driven young kids entering a tailor shop ordering indian cricket team's dress. When the tailor starts taking measurements, they ask the tailor for bigger sizes. After taking down the measurements when the tailor asks when would they like the dresses to be deliverd, they will say, after 4 the next world cup, they will win it for India! Then we will show them drinking Pepsi Gold.

-So what's the BIG idea in this commercial?

-Hmmm... for the media & agency release, the big idea is to keep associaton of pepsi alive with the never say die attitude & optimism and the great spirit of keep walking and shit like that..... but between us here....Boss..the BIG idea is to DISPOSE off our existing stock...

- Yeah, this idea works.

- This way, we can still manage to dispose off the stock till the next world cup and then we will launch something new - how about pepsi titanium?

-Forget next year's branding. Concentrate on disposing this year's stock. Tell JWT we are ready with the ad - get it executed quickly. I need to sell that damn Gold stock fast!

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Sheetal Goel said...

Hehehe I can totally imagine that meeting going on. And I think this meeting will be back2back with the one where they decide what to do about the stupid Blue wristbands they got Shah Rukh jee to endorse!