Sunday, April 15, 2007

Shooter - same ol crap in a new bottle

We have seen it before.

A die hard patriot soldier, engaged in mission, on duty in line of fire, system drops him like hot potato to take care of himself, he retires, few yrs later system needs his help to prevent a presidential assassination, he relents, but system presses his patriotism button, he jumps into play, finds he is on receiving end by the system, goes on revenge path, blows whatever comes in his way, FBI, NSA, ABOL, all kinda acronyms get thrown in the picture and on your face, system comes under scanner but system is too powerful to be punished, in between the same ol shit of weapons of mass destruction, oil pipeline, mass graves in ethopia, fundings et al, in the end wipe system off - the sunny deol way.

The plot is very predictable. If you are a veteran action flick movie fan like me, you would sense out who is the main villan in 1st 30 mins of the movie. Watch Shooter, if you just need to shoot some time, otherwise nothing interesting.

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alex said...

It must be slubber'd o'er in haste--its important preliminaries left to the cold imagination of the reader--its fine spirit perhaps evaporating for want of being embodied in words...