Monday, July 17, 2006

Good bye Mumbai...

The time has finally come to say adieu to this city. Over 3.5 years of my stay here has brought nothing but good memories. And to think of it, Mumbai was my least preffered destination for shifting. In terms of enjoying bachelorhood, the best times I have spent is in this city. Many of my friends from Delhi still have different views than me about living in this city. But I keep telling them that if you forget the infrastructure problems like roads, traffic, slums etc. this city is a fun place to be - both professionally and hanging out wise. Before you get on the city, the city gets on to you and then you get used to it :) Anyway, my love with Mumbai would stay but I have decided to move on. I have got an offer in Pune (and NO! It's not with Zia's company) and I would be shifting by next month. Can't disclose where I am going on this forum as it's in public domain but will send a mail to you guys later. So getting ready for the new place now!

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