Friday, May 04, 2007

Confessions of a reluctant dieter (part 1)

I had been wanting to write this post since last week but had been too preoccupied with some office work which had mentally kind of drained me out, so was finding it difficult to pen it out. Finally got some time to sketch it out. This would be a pretty long post so I would break it into couple of parts. Here is the 1st part of the installment.

Suvi had been after me for quite some time to go on a diet. It's not that I had put on or something but more coz she wanted to go on a diet and needed company. "But why me?” I protested. "loks...while getting married you had taken vows around the sacred fire that you will nibhao my saath in all ups and downs of life", she reminded me emotionally. "But that didn't include dieting!!!". But I had no choice. All my pleas were falling to deaf ears. This 'marriage vows' thing or the 'shaadi se pehley you used to be' stinger is the Bramha astra that I guess every married woman resorts to when cornered to the wall. Faced with no choice, I threw in my towel. Ok, we would diet from today.

"No, not today", said Suvi. On being asked why not, she said "look now we would be going on a diet for some time, so let' start it from monday and let's enjoy the next 2-3 days that we have. I want to eat home cooked chicken and then tomorrow we have to go for my colleague's bday party also - she has planned amazing spread for dinner". Amused, I knew where this diet was heading to. I could already sense that in next coming days, this diet plane would lose its flight plan and turn topsy turvy before someone (read Suvi) presses the emergency chute button and bails us out. So like convicts on death sentence, with last few days to go, we feasted on chicken. Butter Chicken at Suvi’s colleague’s party on Friday, Chicken Thai Green Curry cooked as surprise dinner on Saturday by me and again some chicken at home on Sunday. If Malinga’s hat trick stole the thunder at the world cup, this chicken feast hat trick simply bowled us over. With Suvi’s wish being granted, I thought we could go on diet from Monday peacefully now. Or so I thought.

We had decided that for the 1st week we will follow the General Motor diet plan. I had previously tried this diet plan in Delhi and had seen good results. You can stand to lose anywhere from 3-6 kgs in 1 week itself. Of course, it’s a fad diet but when you are desperate, you don’t think about fad-shad. You are more interested in the end result figure and in GM Diet Plan’s case, it looked really very tempting. So when Suvi heard about the plan, she looked excited. Though she had never ever dieted before but thought of giving it a shot. The 1st day we had to eat just fruits and nothing else. On Sunday evening I stepped in reliance fresh to buy some fruits. Lost all my appetite after checking out price of apples. 100 Rs KG!!! Inspected it closely and saw ‘Washington’ tag on it. Among the apples kept there, these ones looked the best so reluctantly picked up a kilo which turned out to be mere 4-5 apples only. So apples, water melon, musk melon and what have you, a cool bill of Rs. 160.

Drawing from my past experience, I knew this diet would turn out to be an expensive one But hey; it’s for a good cause after all. If we both lose few kgs., naturally we will go out and binge again. This will lead to an increase in the revenues of the shopkeeper who till now had been derived of our share of revenue coz we had gone in self exile. An increase in revenues for him means he can save a little more for his kids & family. Similarly, the waiter who would serve us would also be tipped extra and they can send that extra money back home. So our act would contribute in a small way to fulfill our social responsibilities. :) :)

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