Monday, May 07, 2007

confessions of a reluctant dieter (part 2)


“Loks, how can we survive the day only on fruits?” I looked at my watch. 9.30am. Groan. The day had just begun. We still had 6 more days to go.

A diet war veteran, I know how to survive the treacherous pangs of hunger snipers that are always on lookout for our willpower to popup so that they can shoot it down. Throughout the day I kept parroting one word to Suvi – ‘Will Power’. Somehow survived through day 1.


“wow”. 1 kg lost already. But another whole day to pass off and worse, it’s may day so that means – be grounded at home. Ideally you always look fwd to a break but in this case, staying at home makes you feel hungrier! Suvi spiced up the all vegetable day by ‘pav bhaji’ kind of recipe minus the pavs, butter or any oil. So boiled veggies dashed up in little bit of masala along with some soup and salads. The day passed off peacefully.


This time around, I am also finding it a bit difficult to keep up with the GM diet. The reason being, when you are alone, you can somehow still follow it, but with Suvi around, she transforms herself into a modern day ‘Meneka’, trying to break my tapasya as I stand firm like the rock of Gibraltar to complete the diet successfully. “loks, can we have a biscuit with the tea. Loks just a single bread slice…Loks…just a little bit of aachaar…..plsssssssss…”

2 kgs lost. 3 days gone. 4 more to go.


You don’t need a Times Restaurant Guide to tell how many eating joints are there in JM Road and from Karve Road to Paud Road. You can ask me about it. For the past 3 days while driving back to home, both me and Suvi unwittingly look out at all the passing hotel & restaurant signages and keep sighing. Add to it, on my way back my car always gets stuck in a mini traffic signal jam in front of this small restaurant where a guy is always fanning out delicious looking kababs on the roadside. Inspite of the windows being shut, the aroma of the delectable kababs squeezes in through the car and adds more fire in our bellies!


I accidentally bump into a wall. But instead of stars & revolving tweeting birds on top of my head, I get to see Chicken Mcgrills & grilled sandwiches rotating neatly in the mini orbit. I quickly bite into one and the pain disappears quickly. Happily, I head to work. A good way to start the day, I think.

By Friday I have also introduced a new romantic lexicon. It’s a dieter’s delight. So no more sugar coated cuchi coos or clichés like sweetheart or I luv you types. Instead, cuddle up your partner, pull his or her cheeks and let the voice from your heart come out and you will realize that most of the time you will end up saying “my jalebiiiii”, “my leg pieceee”, “my rasgulllla”, “my balushaiii”, “my grilled feeesh”, “my chole bhatureeee” and so on. As you keep rattling your expressions of love, you will also realize that that cuddling or pulling cheek have slowly turned into a full tight squeeze or rather a vibrant shake – as you go into an orgasmic frenzy and keep dishing out one expression after another.

Saturday & Sunday

I have never seen Suvi so happy in this diet week. After all, as per diet schedule, these 2 days are feast day. Which means you can have a cup of rice on both days. After surviving on fruits & veggies thru out the week, having rice was like finding an oasis in a desert. Like a kid she clapped and danced all around with the mere thought of having some ‘real’ food after ages. :) Thanks to the ‘solid’ food, breezed thru both these days.

Finally, GM Diet over. 3.5 kgs lost in 1 week. Suvi lost some 3 kgs. But finally we have decided instead of fad diets like these, we would rather moderate our eating habits and work out. I am already back on my skipping & morning workout schedule which I had discontinued a few months back (it worked for me then). Let’s see if I am able to keep it going! :) :)

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