Monday, May 21, 2007

This post is for free

This post that you are reading comes free of cost.

For the past couple of days I have been facing a peculiar problem. Some Jhonnie in my vicinity has acquired a wireless router for his laptop. Now this Jhonnie, I presume uses it most of the time in evenings and at times leave it open at mornings. So what has this got to do with me or the subject of this post. Well what is happening is that whenever I switch on my wireless router, my laptop is not reading my router's network and is like a true blue delhiite, snapping on to that jhonnie's network, illegally. I have never come across this situation b4 coz the laptop should show both wireless networks in the status bar, but after some keeda that i did long time back in the laptop settings, it has stopped showing network in the box. Anyways, so I get to switch on my router only when his is closed. You might ask, so even he might be snapping on to your network. But nopes. The jhonnie is a new kid on the block. I presumed that when I saw the details of his network. He (or she?) has NOT enabled any password on his wireless router. Jeeez man...that's the 1st thing that you do when you configure your router. His network shows the router name (which is default name when no password is set).

So whenever he is online and I am in a mood to access the net, I simply switch on my browser and i am online - at his expense! :D Let's see how long this honeymoon lasts :)

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