Monday, May 14, 2007

Mudra takes Big bazaar on a ride

What comes in your mind when you say Big Bazaar?

"Isssey sasta aur tikau aur kahi nahi milega." The key word in all communication has been sasta and then tikau. Comes to think of it, it can be translated as Cheap Quality :-) though that's another topic all together. So when you talk about Big bazaar audience profile, who are they? I'll say they are:

- Primary audience(food & beverages): Food bazaar customers who are their for good bargains
- Primary audience (furniture): people who are looking out for good deals on durable and good looking furniture.
- Primary audience: (clothing): No frills, the 'original' middle & slightly upper middle class people who have no air about brands and are more interested in 'value for money' deals. They are more than happy if the apparel as compared to some 'reputed' brands lacks 'finesse' or doesn't have that 'wow' stuff as long as they are getting it for a steal as compared to brands found in other shopping malls. It's a big chunk of audience and they will always keep patronizing Big bazaar's apparel section.

So found it very surprising when Big bazaar came out with a series of outdoor ads.

The ads are tongue in cheek and take a dig at Shoppers stop, Lifestyle & Westside. The headlines read:

Change Your Lifestyle. Make a smart choice! Formal shirts Rs........
Keep West-aSide. Make a smart choice ! T shirts Rs.......
Shoppers! Stop. Make a smart choice ! Sarees Rs....

Cheeky, no doubt but do they serve their purpose? It's apparent that big bazaar is targeting the shopping chunk of patrons of these stores but I wonder if any thought went into studying the profile of the shopper segment by Mudra & Big bazaar. People who shop frequently or whenever need arises for buying any apparels from these stores are people who:

- are brand & style conscious
- firmly believe that stores like lifestyle, shoppers stop, etc offer quality & top most, latest trends stuff
- don't mind paying a little extra if it helps them stand out from the clutter
- Might not be trend setter but like to be one and associate stores like these with that
- Enjoy the ambiance, the crowd, the overall quality of display & aura that these store offers
-Would like to step down from their cars carrying bags of shoppers stop, lifestyle etc and would die if someone spots them with apparel filled bags of Big bazaar (the exception made is Food bazaar bags - that's accepted)

Yes, there are primary shoppers from these segment too who won't mind buying once in a while from Big bazaar apparel section but mostly, not so important stuff.

Mudra & Big bazaar should understand - it's aspirational & emotional stuff. A school or college kid might buy a lowest priced tshirt from shopper's stop or lifestyle (probably 200 bucks) which perhaps he could have got a bit cheap in big bazaar but he can tell his friends who ask him where he picked up the stuff from - proudly the name of the place. Some people are born with a silver spoon are all about brands will never shop at Big bazaar. The others, who have moved up the ranks and have developed a style image for themselves, have become brand conscious and more importantly have a good purchasing power won't switch over to Big bazaar just bcoz it's offering jeans/cargos/sarees or anything for a 3 digit price.

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