Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Shaving blues

Ask any man what he feels is the most tiring work everyday and perhaps the most common reply would be - shaving every morning. So when today Suvi asked me "aren't you shaving", I replied, "it's the John Ibrahim look, you won't understand - it's a guy's thing". "ya but John doesn't have a part white stubble", she replied back coolly. "Jeeez"...I snorted and ignored the comment.

(cut to office)

Get greeted by a female colleague.
"hiiii loks"


"what's up?"
.......and b4 i can reply to that one, i get her next question.

"You didn't shaveee......felt lazzzy in the morning kyaa?", almost counting my white hair in the stubble.

At that moment, all the John Ibrahim stuff just went fizzing like an inflated balloon that has been released.

Hope suvi is not reading this one. :)

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