Thursday, June 21, 2007

The cat & the baba...

On sunday night while I was just about to sleep, I heard my mom screaming in her sleep. It seems she was going through some bad nightmare. We all rushed to the room and woke her up. Badly shaken, she woke up, didn't say much and then went off to sleep again.

Next day she told us that she saw a black cat in her dream and the cat was stalking her. usually whenever she has seen the black cat in her dreams, something good had happened. Like she told us that before I was born, a day or two before that, ahem...she had seen the cat. So, a good omen, but for what? We didn't know.

We then headed for an appointment with our lawyer. We had to show him the draft copy of our agreement papers before heading to the builder's office for final submission of demand drafts and completion of other formalities. After the meeting, we had a quick breakfast at a small cafe nearby. Just when we were planning to leave, a sadhu baba dressed in the garb of Sai baba approached us and asked us if we could spare some food for him. Now me being me, I don't really entertain sadhus, especially ones who beg. But my dad belongs to a different breed. He took out his wallet to offer him some money, but the sadhu refused the money and requested if we could feed him with something. So stuck with the unusual request, dad asked him to step in the cafe and told the waiter to serve the sadhu with a plate of vada sambhaar. My dad, who himself is a staunch believer of sai baba, in someway felt that perhaps it was god himself in disguise or else when do you come across fakirs & babas who refuse money. Not thinking too much about it, we reached the builder's office.

The marketing lady before getting down to start the formalities gave an offer to us. She said that just yesterday someone had canceled his booking (which was made about a month back) and the rate that was offered to that person was Rs. 25 less than our negotiated final rate. She said if we wanted, she can pass on that rate to us. A quick calculation and we realised with the new rate, it would mean a saving of over Rs.28,000 to us. An unexpected gift like this, who can say no! Just 2 weeks back we had spent over 5 hrs to negotiate and cut down rates by over 3 lakhs. A rupee more of rate cut was met with stiffest of resistance. And here within 2 minutes we got a further discount of over 28k. After completing the formalities , happily we stepped out.

The events that took place ysday night and today morning played in my mind and b4 even I could say anything, mom & dad voiced it. The cat + feeding the baba = unexpected savings

The rational side of me cannot accept it. But somewhere in back of my mind, I can't discount it either.

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Asis said...

Amazing !! wat a grt coincidence!!

Actually i dont believe in such coincidence!! I also heard a lot of such type.

It never comes true in my life.But i dont how it comes true in somebody's life like urs!!