Thursday, June 21, 2007

why hutch why?

Why hutch why?

Why do you always come up with one brilliant concept after another? Why do you make ads. that are so refreshingly different and stand out from the clutter, always. Why do you put your heart & soul into even chut-put promo ads. Why can't you make those ooooh- so -aaam adami - feel good Airtel kinda ads? Why can't you make those 'Yeah to bada toing hai toing hai' kind of ads?
Take for instance your Eskimo ad. Instead of showing those Eskimos coming from different part of the country and assembling in a location and heading to a house, as a bedazzled man looks at them and realizes it's his own doing (and then focus on the Live search feature on Hutch phones), why couldn't you just show it direct in the face. At least that would have saved the Eskimos the trouble of coming from different parts of the world and more importantly, saved me the trouble of stopping by any channel to watch the ad. knowing the fact that the programme that I want to watch on some other channel has already started.

Don't do it Hutch. Your advertising has already reached where Sunita Williams spent past so many months. Now which other level do you want to elevate it to?

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