Friday, June 22, 2007

Why I want to watch Shivaji

I am no Tamilian. Neither a kannada. Heck, I don't even know whether Shivaji - The Boss, the Rajnikant movie is a kannada or a telgu movie. For me, everything down south is uniform, no divisions based on caste or languages. And as some of my friends from South would vouch, the feeling is mutual :)

Yet i want to watch Shivaji - The Boss. The only reason why i want to watch is that it stars Rajnikant. The great rajnikant. The only person on this planet who can give Newton a run for his theories. Ok, make that 2nd person on the planet (how can I leave out Mithun da).

Sample the latest stunt from his movie. Rajni has a gun in his hand and he wants to shoot someone down. Now the other person is not within his shooting range. So what does he do? He throws the gun in that goon's direction. The gun whizzes in the air in that goon's direction, the trigger gets fired automatically, the fire is shot, the goon dies and that's not all. Like a boomerang the gun comes back in Rajni's hand. Mission accomplished.

Tell me honestly. How can language be a barrier when you have stunts like these in movies. For me, if i go for the movie, my paisa vassool would be just watching this stunt. :D

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