Thursday, June 21, 2007

Soon to arrive, new kid on the block....

Take a hard look at him.

Next time when you see him, he might be signing autographs at crosswords. Meet Anil Goel. A good friend's hubby, which makes him my good friend too. No, make that my best pal, my langotiya yaar, my Veeru. Why the extra makkhan? Coz that's what I would be parroting in first half of 2008 when the dude releases his maiden novel :D

You can get to know more of him on his personal blog.

But on a serious note, I really feel inspired by his new venture. Of what i know of him, his hectic corporate life has been keeping him endlessly busy (he handles an investment banking account for a leading MNC IT consulting firm in Mumbai) and still finding time to follow up on your passion , your dream - that's motivational stuff, at least for me. One of my closest friend, who knows me better than I do myself had been egging me to take the next step ahead and pen down a book or something. She knows i have the flair for it and can make up for a good read. Even I have been nursing the desire to write something and have started sketching few ideas - but the lazy bum that i am, have always found refuge under the pretext of being loaded with work or have parked that thought somewhere at the back of mind. The trouble is that when it goes in the store room, chances are it gets covered with cobwebs and gets forgotten until one day, someone comes with a broom ( in this case the dude in the pic) and cleans the room up.

Now have to make sure it remains that way.

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Anil Goel said...

Mere dost One of your closes friends' is my biggest boss in life. When she is your closest friend whre teh question of permission? :) Thanks a ton for the post...will write to you on gmail soon on a fwe things of interest like hyderabad and my publisher etc :) if you are going to pen a novel then we should definitely be ni touch coz the publishers, and hes a fascinating guy, is also going to turn book 'producer' soon - bring together teams of ideators, writers, editors to put books to market :)