Tuesday, November 28, 2006

New Bond rocks!

Caught up with Casino Royale this weekend. There were too many opinions floating around the new Bond and the deviations in this new Bond movie. Too be honest, after seeing the posters of the film, even I didn't like the Bond but Daniel Craig rocks as the new Bond avataar. This Bond is definately different from his predecessors. If Pierce Brosman had flair, smooth talking, charming personality and that misty looks in his eyes to woo ladies around him, this Bond carries that rugged attitiude with him that gives him more mean, no-nonsense looks to him. He would struggle with being witty like his old mates but he perhaps represents a gerne that has risen up the ranks through hard work & struggle to be where they are and that reflects in their overall personality. For this Bond, the current task on which he is focussed on is more important - the rest is all frills - like when the bartender asks him how would he like his Vodka martini, shaken or stirred - he replies he doesn't care a damn..all he wants is his martini!

If those of you who haven't seen the latest edition of this Bond movie, it's a must watch. For a change, even Suvi loved it (she is not much of a Bond/action movie fan)so you can guess it must be good!!! :) :) :)

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