Tuesday, November 28, 2006

These are few of my 'essential' things...

Some of the things that I wanna have and someday would have for sure....

1) Tintin Set - Rs. 5000 approx
2) Astrix set - Rs. 10000 approx
3) James Bond entire collection DVD set (had this set in my rack for quite some time - it was borrowed from a friend)
4) Friends entire season DVD set
5) Everybody Loves Raymond entire season DVD set
6) Dilbert CNBC animated series DVD set
7) Dilbert books entire set (have managed to collect around 13-15 titles out of apprx 30 published so far)
8) The main one - Nikon DSLR ( had frozen on D50/D80 but last week Nikon launched their D40 and my determination came tumbling down - now another option to evaluate!) approx Rs. 45000 -50000

Now some of these 'essential' things, I can only acquire if I manage to go onsite and that too US and again, for a longer period say 3 weeks or so coz things are cheaper there. Till something like that happens, would keep on just browsing related product sites and sighing. :P


Suvi said...

heyyyy...hang on....stop stop stop stop.... koi muzse bhi puchega ki muzhey kya chahiye...
Meri bhi ek wiah list hai :)

1)1 camera mobile phone..black & silver color only
2) 1 real diamond jewellery set
3) 1soney (gold) ke todey
4) 1 american diamnond set
5) My own gearless 2 wheeler
6) 1 Good designer saree
7) 1 microwave
8) 1 sandiwich griller
9) loads of outfits from Biba's collection :) :)
10) and on..and on and on and on...

par kisis ko astrix aur tintin ke aagey yeah kuch dikhaye hi nahi deta :P :P :P

Blogger said...

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