Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Uuhh..Aaahh (India)..Ouch!

Remember the Oohh..aaah...India campaign by Pepsi? Yeah..the Join the Blue Billion campaign launched a week 10 days before the Champions Trophy. each time the ad came on TV, I used to laugh, not because the ad. execution was a failure but more because of the fact that the illusion that the ad tried to weave in ( with reference to the players being charged up and all), opposite results were happening in the field. India got mauled up in their own backyard, and yet, the ads. kept coming on the air (can understand that factor coz the media manager would have bought bulk spots for the series). That's one of the disadvantages of celebrity advertising - when they fail to perform and I am sure in someway it rubs off on the brand too. In this case, Pepsi wisened up and after India's loss in Champions Cup, launched another TV spot - Fir Ayega India (shows an India Tshirt falling from air but a young kid holds it before it falls down to ground and looks optimistically but with a sad smile to his grandfather)... a face saving act no doubt but I am sure they would have burnt their fingers with their ooh Aaah India campaign. And as we can see, there is no Ooh..Aah India spots on air in the current India-SA series.

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