Friday, November 10, 2006

A trip to Sinhgad Fort

Last weekend went to explore Sinhgad Fort which is situated around 40 kms away from my place. The drive to the placed was awesome. Felt as if I was driving in garwal hills - the road zig zaaged in the hills. On top of it, the weather was sexy- it was drizzling all along and as we reached on the top, it was turning to be bit cold also. There is not much of fort left now but the view is awesome from the top. You get to see Panshet, Khadakwasla and Varasgaon dams and Torana fort also. The view of entire Pune city looks beautiful. After a small trek, we had a scrumptious lunch of pithala-bhakri, kanda bhaji & salted buttermilk.

The best time to visit the place is right after rains or during winters. Have bookmarked few more interesting places which I intend to visit in coming few weeks.

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