Thursday, November 23, 2006

Why I love to hate Pune 'traffikars'

I fail to understand why Punekars have this fascination for breaking traffic rules especially jumping signals. In my 3 months stay now, I feel Mumbai traffic was much better disiplined than Pune traffic. Mumbai is known as the city on move - no one has time to stop and talk and yet, people did stop on signals even if there was no cop around. Here in Pune, traffic signals are cconsidered as decorative showpieces or better still, hinderences in road. Mostly people stop only if a cop is around otherwise maximum people prefer to jump the light. I can still discount out jumping light when there is no sense of danger, as in your jumping light is not causing danger to any other vehicle coming in your way but people don't even care for that and that's what blows my fuse - especially when someone comes in my way and I have to slam my brakes.

These days I try something new. When I am turning right and I see that someone is casually passing my way, I slightly slow down, and delibrately turn my car towards that vehicle (mostly 2 wheelers) to give the impression that I am about to knock that vehicle down, often unnerving the driver. Suvi always scolds me for doing that but I get cheap thrills out of it when I watch the other person shaking on his vehicle.

And yes, if you happen to be in Pune and hear the choicest North Indian abuses (Ma-behen types) being hurled around, chances are I might be around. That's my favorite pastime to vent off my frustration on people who break rules like that. Roll down my window and dish out authentic Punjabi/North Indian abuses in full blast - somehting which perhaps typical Punekars might have not come across in their marathi coated dialect.

I think I need to cool myself down while driving or would burn myself out with anger. Time to join Shri Shri Ravishankar's Art of Living I think :)

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