Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Rakhi Sawant...

...wins the Chamelion (Read: Politician) of the year award.

Sample this: She gangs up with Kashmira on Bigg Boss to bitch about everyone and then walks inside the Confession Room and utters Kashmira's name for eviction coz according to her Kashmira bitches a lot!!!!

This daily soap is too much. If are tired of the usual masaledaar news channels, sugary soaps and the usual birds and the bees stuff on Discovery, then tune into Sony's Big Boss. You will love to see how these Page 3 glam poster boys n gals feel insecure, always wear a facade and come out with their actual self. If madhur Bhandarkar would be watching this soap, he won't be feeling amused. After all, he did reveal it all couple of moons back.

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Anonymous said...

did u c rakhi sawant on jeena isi ka namm hai!!..
mu goodness..as ridiculous it can get..
Sumukh here...