Monday, March 06, 2006

The baraat arrives...

For a change, this baraat stuck to its schedule and arrived promptly at 8.30pm...unlike some other baraats I have seen in North India. Suneel later told us that his dad is kind of stickler for time. He doesn't like unneccessary delays and had strictly told everyone to get ready and leave on time.

Sudhir kaka offering Suneel some sweets. For once, it really turned out to be sweet ;-) PS: Sudhir kaka...bataa duin sabko woh Thane wala kissa? ;-) Apney hi log hai..bata deta huin ;-))

It so happend that last time when Jyoti maushi & kaka were at our place in Mumbai, Suneel and Neha had also dropped in from nasik. Suneel was meeting them for the 1st time. Kaka asked Suneel if he would like some water...he said no but kaka went inside the kitchen and poured a glass of water for him. As suneel gulped the water, he nearly threw it out. Turned out by mistake kaka had offered him vinegar ;-) Posted by Picasa

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