Monday, March 06, 2006

Fooling Around...

Get a load of the jewellery that Neha would be wearing on the D-day.

Suvi tries out the jewellery meant for Neha.

Even Anju maushi can't resist trying it out.......

..not to be left behind, aie drapes herself in the chunni of Neha's lehenga. The lehenga and jewellery itself was so heavy, I had a tough time carrying it from Suneel's place to the guest house. Must be weighing 2-3kgs for sure.

Btw, on wedding eve, we all were invited at Suneel's place for Mehendi raat. Only me suvi, chaitanya & lavanaya went there. Had a blast there all of us. Suneel and me had a quick daru session with his friend there..followed by the mehendi ceremony. later in the night we all danced on the terrace. There was a band that that come in from Suneel's village. On flute notes & drum beats everyone danced. The dance itself was quite infectious in nature. We all 1st took time to see how people danced on the tunes. It was pahaadi (mountain) music. Soon we realised that you don't need to follow any steps. The music itself draws you. As you feel the music, your feet start moving automatically to the beats.

Once of suneel's cousin told me that you need to come to their village someday to hear them play there. Amidst the mountain, it's like a concert played by the gods.... Posted by Picasa

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