Monday, March 20, 2006

BMC goes on a mapping drive...

Now this is interesting.

BMC (Bombay Municipal Corporation) plans to go the Yahoo Maps & Google Earth way and create digitized maps of entire Mumbai city. Which means you can locate & visually see each and every colony, road, nala, galli in Mumbai on the net. While Google & Yahoo rely on sattellite images, BMC will take aerial images and offer a much closer zoom option than Google & Yahoo, which means better visual clarity. You can even see what baju wali ladki was doing on terrace the day picture was updated.

Now the plan is good but with due respect to BMC, there are better & bigger challenges in front of them that they should focus on. On one of the radio shows one of the listner commented "BMC ko bolo maps banna bandh karey..pehley roads to bana le". That says it all. While the basic infrastructure needs a much needed make over, the BMC should concentrate their energies on that. Imagine, if they do succeed with this plan, how our roads would look from ariel view. After every 10 meters, you would get to see a black spot on road. Further zooming and you would eventually see some kinda pothole. Zoom down further...hey that's no pothole - that's a crater ;-)

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