Monday, March 20, 2006

Someone at to search for job soon!

This is interesting. Picked it up from Mid-Day site:
11-yr-old boy sends notice to
March 18, 2006
Chandigarh: An 11-year-old boy has sent a legal notice to a job website claiming damages of Rs 1 crore for using part of his name 'Hari' allegedly in a derogatory manner. Hari Bhanot, in his notice, charged that an advertisement of the site had resulted in mental harassment and agony as many of his friends and acquaintances have made him a butt of jokes after watching it on TV. The advertisement in question has a person telling on phone the full form of the name Hari as "H for Hitler, A for Arrogant, R for Rascal and I for Idiot," it said.

The legal notice, sent by Aneesh Bhanot on behalf of his son Hari, says, "The advertisement is totally insensitive to the name Hari. "The telecast of the advertisement has undermined the status, reputation, respect and self-confidence of my client and has severely affected his standing in the school, residential locality and social circle. After the advertisement came on air, many people known to my client have told him that they have a lower opinion of him," he claimed.

The notice wants withdrawal of the advertisement forthwith and a public apology from the website in the same manner and coverage as the advertisement has been given and pay Rs 1 crore as damages and said failing this criminal and civil proceedings would be filed against

Btw, I have met this chap - Aneesh Bhanot. He also comes from advertising background and had been doing quite well (his last posting was as a president of one of India's leading financial advtg. agencies in Mumbai) b4 he decided to call quits from active advertising and settle down. He runs his own consultancy firm these days. He happens to be a good friend of Ranjan - president of Crayons Advertising - the place where I started my career. Once had a chance of having dinner with Aneesh when I was in Chandigarh for some client presentation with Ranjan. Quite an interesting fellow, he is.

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