Friday, March 03, 2006

The day we covered entire Udhampur on road

Udampur is a pretty lovely place. The minute you put your foot on the station, you will fall in love with the station. It's a small station, hardly any activity, filled mostly by military men guarding the station. The station is verrrry clean. Not surprising when only 2 trains run in the day from there. The weather in the morning used to be very pleasant. It inspired us to go for walks. One day we decided to go for a walk till station. The station was around 2 kms from our guest house. It was drizzling and cool breeze was blowing. We reached station, had a cuppa chai and decided to head back. But vinay kaka suggested we take a different route and b4 we could say anything, took the entire troop with him from a different route.

If the route that we originally took was the north end then the new road was south end! We must have walked for over 15 kms b4 we reached main Udhampur city. A walk that started at 7 in the morning, finally ended at 10! I kinda enjoyed the walk coz the weather was sexy and the view was fantastic. But we got a major hearing back in the guest house...after all the girl in waiting was also with us and naturally everyone was worried.

Interestingly, guess who was the last person to walk in side the guest house? Nopes, it was neither me, suvi or neha. :-)

Udhampur station

Morning scene

Neha, suvi & her dad

Vinay kaka, me,suvi & her dad Posted by Picasa

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